Swan Song to Summer

butterfly and bee on asters

Now that it’s September, it seems proper to look back on a superb summer here in my neck of the woods.

Of course, it seems to have passed in a flash, looking back on it.  Still, I knew it was a special summer right from the start. The rain, like that in the song “Camelot,” always seemed to come just after sundown, and kept the grass and plants green all summer (!).  The high temps and high humidity of our summers–not so much this time. In fact, just a couple 90 degree days and the few really humid days usually came with moderate temps.asters

All this was perfect timing because I spent the summer volunteering outside. And for all the organizations I’d always wanted to work with but, while I was working, never had time to. Fun and rewarding stuff like lead interpretive hikes for kids and adults, weed, plant and guide new gardeners in the same, test out and review a new nature-based audio program, and spend umpteen hours at one of my biggest passions–removing invasive plant species in our parks!

That’s really why I loved this past summer. I hope all of you get (or take) the chance to spend a season doing all the things you never have time for. It’s good for the soul, if not the pocketbook!


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