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Spring continues to “Sprung!”

single fiddlehead

Yes, it’s warm–really warm for early March in the Twin Cities–I get it. But, some of the announcers on our Public Radio station are driving me bonkers with their over exuberant weather observations every 15 minutes (I’m talking about you, S.S….). I love spring, I do, but dial it down a notch. It’s not the second coming, after all, just a new year’s season.


Spring Is Time For A New Start

The color of new leaves–spring green–is my favorite color. (At least in springtime!)

There’s something about seeing new life unfold each year that makes us happy, maybe even relieved that life as we know it will continue for another year. Spring is also a season that reminds us of all the ways we can aid the earth. Stay tuned for more on this subject.